Schlagwort: Susan Howe

The letter „r“

“On an old shore, the vulgar ocean rolls” The letter r is frequently indicated as a characteristic mark of vulgarity. “R. is the dog’s letter and hurreth in the sound.” (Ben Jonson, English Grammar, 1640). “R. Young pious RUTH / Left all for Truth.”… Continue Reading „The letter „r““

Singeth spells

“Singeth spells.” The poetry of Wallace Stevens makes me happy. This is the simple truth. Pleasure springs from the sense of fluid sound patterns phonetic utterance excites in us. Beauty, harmony, and order are represented by the arrangement, and repetition, of particular words on… Continue Reading „Singeth spells“

68. Charles Bernstein Papers

The Beinecke Library is delighted to announce the acquisition of the Charles Bernstein Papers; the collection will be available to researchers in 2015. Poet and scholar Charles Bernstein has long been a force in American letters. The author of dozens of books, in the… Continue Reading „68. Charles Bernstein Papers“

44. Warum haben sie nicht die Rolling Stones gefragt?

Die amerikanische Lyrikerin Susan Howe ist seit September zu Gast in der American Academy in Berlin. Drei Ausschnitte aus einem Interview mit kultiversum: Über Emily Dickinson: Sie hat mir den Weg gewiesen. Ihr Werk hat mein Interesse an literarischen und historischen Dokumenten der frühen… Continue Reading „44. Warum haben sie nicht die Rolling Stones gefragt?“