Schlagwort: David Wheatley

Die antarktische Schule der Dichtung

David Wheatley Die antarktische Schule der Dichtung Die Abwesenheit eines jeglichen Autors ist, aus historischer Perspektive, die kleinste Sorge der antarktischen Schule. Lässt sich ihr typischer kühler Ton im heutigen Klima aufrechterhalten? Vermutlich nicht, obwohl auf Altantarktisch »brennender Eifer« so viel wie »dünnes Eis,… Continue Reading „Die antarktische Schule der Dichtung“

Poetic Artifice

The death of Veronica Forrest-Thomson in 1975, aged just 27, is among the most galling and tragic losses to modern British poetry. Born in Malaya and raised in Glasgow, she published a first poetry collection at 20 and gravitated to Cambridge, where she was… Continue Reading „Poetic Artifice“

The poet of anti-pathos

In The Making of the Reader, David Trotter proposes a useful distinction between “pathos” and what he terms “anti-pathos”. In any poem the voice of the self and the voice of the text are subtly different. For a Romantic poet their clash results in… Continue Reading „The poet of anti-pathos“

24. Metre magazine now available to read online

Metre, an Irish poetry magazine edited by David Wheatley and Justin Quinn between 1995 and 2005, has now digitised its back issues and made them available for free on a dedicated website: The magazine was roughly contemporaneous with Thumbscrew and shared many contributors, publishing poems and reviews by many… Continue Reading „24. Metre magazine now available to read online“