Schlagwort: Ashur Etwebi

Miłosz Festival in Cracow

The relationship between the poet and the reader is the core of Miłosz Festival, which originated from the tradition of meetings of the poets of the East and West. The festival gives opportunity to ask about artistic inspirations, but it is also an occasion… Continue Reading „Miłosz Festival in Cracow“

59. Poetry Night II

06.09.2013 | 19.30 Uhr LITERATUREN DER WELT 06.09.13 19.30 HAUS DER BERLINER FESTSPIELE Seitenbühne Poetry Night II mit Ashur Etwebi (Libyen), Hala Mohammad (Syrien), Sergio Raimondi (Argentinien) und Tzveta Sofronieva (Bulgarien / D) Moderation: Silke Behl, Sprecherin: Marina Galic Der 1952 in Tripolis geborene… Continue Reading „59. Poetry Night II“