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54. A major art with a minor audience

The dirty secret of poetry is that it is loved by some, loathed by many, and bought by almost no one. (Is this the silent majority? Well, once the “silent majority” meant the dead.) We now have a poetry month, and a poet laureate… Continue Reading „54. A major art with a minor audience“

98. Poetry Foundation Celebrates National Poetry Month

Free issues of Poetry, new educational resources, Record-a-Poem, and more   CHICAGO —The Poetry Foundation is pleased to announce an exciting array of literary programs and poetry events across the country in celebration of National Poetry Month, April 2013. Poetry Fifty thousand free copies of Poetry’s… Continue Reading „98. Poetry Foundation Celebrates National Poetry Month“


Does Billy Collins’s latest poetry collection leave readers laughing or frowning? By William Logan Poetry Media Service Ballistics by Billy Collins. Random House, $24.00 Billy Collins is funny, everyone agrees. The birds agree, the bees agree, even the fish in the sea agree: Billy… Continue Reading „115. AN ALBINO HERRING“


William Logan reviews Thom Gunn’s Selected Poems. By William Logan Poetry Media Service Selected Poems, by Thom Gunn, edited by August Kleinzahler. Farrar, Straus & Giroux, $14.00. In the 1940s and 1950s, it was almost an act of rebellion to compose tidy stanzas and… Continue Reading „117. REFINING FORM“


William Logan reviews Arda Collins’s debut poetry collection It Is Daylight, winner of the 2008 Yale Series of Younger Poets Prize. By William Logan Poetry Media Service It Is Daylight, by Arda Collins. Yale University Press, $16.00. Arda Collins comes to her first book… Continue Reading „023. DEADPAN DISASTERS“

9. Ungefährlich

Billy Collins ist lustig, jeder stimmt dem zu. Die Vögel stimmen zu, die Bienen stimmen zu, selbst die Fische im Meer stimmen zu: Billy Collins ist sehr lustig. Aber woher kommt, eine halbe Stunde nachdem ich sein Buch zu Ende gelesen habe, das Grummeln… Continue Reading „9. Ungefährlich“