Schlagwort: Wendell Berry

117. American Life in Poetry: Column 425

BY TED KOOSER, U.S. POET LAUREATE If we haven’t done it ourselves, we’ve known people who have, it seems: taken a vacation mostly to photograph a vacation, not really looking at what’s there, but seeing everything through the viewfinder with the idea of looking… Continue Reading „117. American Life in Poetry: Column 425“

98. Poetry Foundation Celebrates National Poetry Month

Free issues of Poetry, new educational resources, Record-a-Poem, and more   CHICAGO —The Poetry Foundation is pleased to announce an exciting array of literary programs and poetry events across the country in celebration of National Poetry Month, April 2013. Poetry Fifty thousand free copies of Poetry’s… Continue Reading „98. Poetry Foundation Celebrates National Poetry Month“

62. Nature Writing

In der englisch-amerikanischen Literatur hat sich im Laufe der letzten rund zweihundert Jahre ein Genre entwickelt, für das es im deutschsprachigen Raum weder eine Entsprechung noch einen Namen gibt: das nature writing .  … Emersons Ideen hatten Einfluss auf Walt Whitman und Henry David… Continue Reading „62. Nature Writing“