Schlagwort: Hugh MacDiarmid

Found: Hugh MacDiarmid’s forgotten war poems

Forgotten works by one of Scotland’s most celebrated poets, Hugh MacDiarmid, have been discovered in his birthplace in Dumfriesshire – a century after they were written. Penned under his real name – Christopher Murray Grieve – the 15 poems were found among the archives… Continue Reading „Found: Hugh MacDiarmid’s forgotten war poems“

37. Poetry and science

Most pre-scientific cultures used poetry to express ideas about the creation of the earth, and many of them are surprisingly similar. From the chants of the Maori Io tradition to Hesiod’s Theogony, poets have propounded theories and told stories of the creation of something from nothing, stories… Continue Reading „37. Poetry and science“

53. Peinlich

Über einen lästigen, peinlichen… (troublesome) sowie schottischen Dichter schreibt der Guardian am 14.2.04: The Revolutionary Art of the Future: Rediscovered Poems by Hugh MacDiarmid, edited by John Manson et al 79pp, Carcanet, £6.95 Probe aus einem während des Weltkriegs geschriebenen Gedicht mit dem Titel… Continue Reading „53. Peinlich“