Schlagwort: John Milton

Flieh, neidsche Zeit

John Milton  (* 9. Dezember 1608 in London; † 8. November 1674 in Bunhill bei London)  An die Zeit Flieh neidsche Zeit, bis du dein Ziel erreichet, Beschleunige der Stunden schweren Gang, Des Eile nur dem Schritt des Senkbleis* gleichet, Es sättige dich was dein… Continue Reading „Flieh, neidsche Zeit“

37. Poetry and science

Most pre-scientific cultures used poetry to express ideas about the creation of the earth, and many of them are surprisingly similar. From the chants of the Maori Io tradition to Hesiod’s Theogony, poets have propounded theories and told stories of the creation of something from nothing, stories… Continue Reading „37. Poetry and science“

84. (Verlorenes) Paradies wird verfilmt

Jetzt hat Hollywood auf der Suche nach Ideen John Miltons episches Gedicht Paradies Lost aus dem 17. Jahrhundert entdeckt. / moviepilot


How to make a cocktail beautiful, humanizing, and good. By Rosie Schaap Poetry Media Service So strong is W.H. Auden’s association with the martini that his home city of York, England, marked the 2007 centenary of his birth with tributes not only in words… Continue Reading „55. IN SEARCH OF THE AUDEN MARTINI“


An interview with Brian Culhane, winner of the 2007 Emily Dickinson First Book Award for a poet over the age of 50. By Tim Appelo Poetry Media Services Tim Appelo: Your poetry is grounded in the classics. On your way to writing about that… Continue Reading „49. BEYOND THE CULT OF YOUTH“