3. Widdershins

Viele Lyrikleser – Schreiber sowieso – sind Wortsammler. Ein schönes liegt heute im Briefkasten. Nämlich seit Jahren bekomme ich täglich ein Wort von dem Onlinewörterbuch yourdictionary.com, heute dies:

Widdershins (withershins)  (adverb)

Pronunciation:  [‚wid-êr-shinz]

Definition: Moving in a direction opposite the usual; moving counterclockwise or in the contrary direction (of the sun, especially).

Usage: Today’s word is basically an adverb but may be used as an adjective without the final [s]. As a predicate adjective, however, the [s] is usually left on. D. H. Lawrence wrote in ‚Plumed Serpent‘ (1926) „She made up her mind, to be alone, and to cut herself off from all the mechanical widdershin contacts. He, too, was widdershins, unwinding the sensations of disintegration and anti-life.“

Suggested Usage: Today’s word is another wonderword from the land of kilts and bagpipes that we should all fight to keep alive: „Gerard does everything widdershins; he will either turn out a grandiose success or an abrupt failure.“ Niches for this word abound in everyday conversations: „Remember, the prophets agree that you get nowhere walking widdershins up the escalator.“

Etymology: Middle Low German weddersinnes based on wider „back,“ whence German wider „against“ and wieder „again.“ The English adverb wither „wrong, perverse“ is rarely used any more. The „shins“ is from earlier „sinnes“ and is related to Latin sentire „sense, feel“ since both go back to an original root *sent- „go in or choose a direction.“ We borrowed „sense“ from the noun of this verb. The same root also turns up in English send „to cause someone to go in a direction.“

–Dr. Language, YourDictionary.com

Es steht in Rudyard Kiplings Gedicht „Cruisers“ (kostenloses eBuch von 800 Seiten bei poemhunter.com):

As maidens awaiting the bride to come forth
Make play with light jestings and wit of no worth,
So, widdershins circling the bride-bed of death,
Each fleereth her neighbour and signeth and saith: —

„What see ye? Their signals, or levin afar?
„What hear ye? God’s thunder, or guns of our war?
„What mark ye? Their smoke, or the cloud-rack outblown?
„What chase ye? Their lights, or the Daystar low down?“

… und häufig bei Aleister Crowley. Anweisung an einen Magier, Encantations Liber V:

23. Perform the spiral dance, moving deosil and whirling
Each time on passing the West extend the wand to the
Quarter in question, and bow:
a. „Before me the powers of LA!“ (AL, to West.)
b. „Behind me the powers of AL!“ (LA, to East.)
c. „On my right hand the powers of LA!“ (AL, to North.)
d. „On my left hand the powers of AL!“ (LA, to South.)
e. „Above me the powers of ShT!“ (tS, leaping in the air.)
f. „Beneath me the powers of ShT!“ (tS, striking the ground.)
g. „Within me the Powers!“ (in the attitude of Phthah erect, the
feet together, the hands clasped upon the vertical wand.)
h. „About me flames my Father’s face, the Star of Force and
i. „And in the Column stands His six-rayed Splendour!“
(This dance may be omitted, and the whole utterance chanted in
the attitude of Phthah.)

In dem – wohl fälschlich Crowley zugeschriebenen – Hexerwörterbuch steht:

Widdershins: Counterclockwise motion used in some magickal workings or ceremonies.

(deosil ist die andere Richtung, also im Uhrzeigersinn)

– Schön auch der Zusammenhang von Sinn und senden. Die Bienen sind aus (imbi ist hucze)? „Ic dir nach sihe – Ic dir nach sendi“. Sendung geht nur, wenn man die Richtung kennt. „Sinn“ ja dann wohl auch. Im Widdershin ist der Widersinn drin. Lesen Sie bei Ledebur weiter, winning his way / seine Richtung finden.)

Die zitierten Althochdeutschen Texte: Lorscher Bienensegen – Weingartner Reisesegen.

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