16. Poems for people who think they don’t like poetry

When I was first asked to make a list of poetry collections for people who think they don’t like poetry, my first thought was, „Well, isn’t that just about everyone?“ Not quite–I do have nearly 2,000 friends on Facebook, of whom the majority are poetry lovers. And what better way to make a list than to crowdsource these writer friends who each must know people who don’t like poetry? I’ve taken some of their suggestions, added many of my own favorites, and organized them from „easy“ to „harder,“ since many people say they don’t like poetry because they think it is „hard.“

1. Sailing Alone Around the Room, Billy Collins: Collins is the king of approachable and accessible poetry that is written well and transcends the mundane to something larger, more philosophical and mysterious. He’s probably the best poet to start with for people who think they don’t like poetry.

2. Delights and Shadows, Ted Kooser: Kooser’s a poet of the simplest, most accessible language and is well-loved by many. His book, like all of his work, draws inspiration from everyday life and the details, objects, and images most overlook.

3. Gold Cell, Sharon Olds: No list like this would be complete without a book by Sharon Olds. This book still sits on my bookshelf, one of the first poetry books I ever purchased, wrapped in contact paper. No other American poet can write about personal sexuality, the body, and family in such universal, unabashed, and riveting ways.

Victoria Chang, Huffington Post

Die anderen von ihr genannten Titel sind:

  • The Rose, Li Young Lee
  • The Collected Poems of Lucille Clifton
  • Elegy Owed, Bob Hicok
  • The Half-Finished Heaven, Tomas Tranströmer
  • The Cosmos Trilogy, Frederick Seidel
  • Letters to Wendy’s, Joe Wenderoth
  • The Wild Iris, Louise Glück
  • The Best of It, Kay Ryan
  • Crush, Richard Siken
  • Song, Brigit Pegeen Kelly

Und sie fügt hinzu:

And there are so many others like Mary Oliver, Jack Gilbert, Jane Kenyon, Sylvia Plath, T.S. Elliot, Yusef Komunyakaa, W.S. Merwin, and Anne Carson that readers can check out if they’re brave enough to make it through this list.

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