Schlagwort: Amy King

12. Hate speech

Recently a piece has made its way around poetry circles via the relatively obscure web lit magazine, Claudius App. Written by “Jacqueline Rigault” and skewering dozens of poets, both well-known and emerging, the piece on its surface is just the kind of sensationalistic silliness… Continue Reading „12. Hate speech“

102. Poetry refuses the harness

Poetry is the sea that cracks the frozen axe within us. It brings the Nothingness we need; Death enters the room with poetry’s spotlights—the gaps falling where they may—and causes anxiety or gives  escape.  (…) Unlike movements purporting to produce nothing in opposition to… Continue Reading „102. Poetry refuses the harness“

76. Best of

Der Boston Globe fragte 3 Experten nach den besten Gedichtbänden 2011. Jeder nennt 10 Titel ohne eine einzige Überschneidung (was mich freut). Hier die Gesamtliste: “A Hundred Doors’’ by Michael Longley (Wake Forest University) “Ardency: A Chronicle of the Amistad Rebels’’ by Kevin Young… Continue Reading „76. Best of“