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Dear Authors and Artists,
Dear Friends and Readers of

The theme of our next issue will be:

To Be or To Form an integral part?

To open your appetite for reading, I recommend you this „vertige of colors and images“:


A topical subject, one that is dear to our hearts and that can lead to a lot of discussion, a subject that attracts attention and that we can tackle from many perspectives: cultural and literary, sociopolitical and sociological, linguistic, philosophical, psychological, etc.

The adjective „integral,“ which is often used in the phrase „integral part,“ designates a part that is indispensable to the integrity of a whole. This phrase is often used in the expression „to form an integral part,“ meaning „to be one of the main constituent elements of something.“ Note that we can also use the verb „to be“ instead of the verb „to form.“

– The loyalty is an integral part of our values.
– Ethnic minorities are an integral part of today’s society.
– A great artist is an integral part of a show or a project.
– A great writer is an integral part of the literature of his or her period.
– Fruits and vegetables are integral parts of our diet.
– Love is an integral part of our lives.
– The curiosity is an integral part of the human spirit.

Submission guidelines:

All material must be in keeping with the theme.

Poetry: minimum 3 short poems.
Prose: minimum 2 short prose pieces (short stories, essays, novel excerpts).
Visual arts: minimum 6 photos/illustrations.
Music: minimum 3 mp3s with the voice of the artist and 2 videos already posted on YouTube or Dailymotion.
Please add, in all cases, a brief BIO of the author/artist, as well as photos of the author/artist and his or her studio or laboratory.

Quality translations will be very much appreciated, since Levure littéraire is multilingual and multidisciplinary. Any humanist discipline can find its place on our site.

Deadline for proposals and submissions: April 30, 2017


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