23. British Modernism in America

British Modernism has not been served well by American critics and readers. Preoccupied by American poetry’s own version of family court – who are the true heirs of William Carlos Williams, Charles Olson, or even Robert Lowell? when will the prodigal Stein finally come back from Europe and take her place at the head of the table? – we have been content merely to nod approvingly at the likes of Basil Bunting and David Jones. But as the recent publication of J.H. Prynne’s Poems, Tom Raworth’s Collected Poems, and the many collected and selected volumes streaming out of Salt Publishing remind us, the story of British Modernism in America is still a work in progress.

/ Brian Kim Stefans, Boston Review April /May 2005 (hier bei Poetry Daily) schreibt über den schottischen Dichter W.S. Graham, der als Teil dieses work in progress begriffen werden solle und in die Reihe der Gerard Manley Hopkins, Wallace Stevens und Hart Crane gehöre.

New Collected Poems of W.S. Graham, ed. Matthew Francis
(Faber and Faber)

Hier ein Interview mit Harold Pinter über Graham (mit Briefen, einem Gedicht und weiteren Informationen). – Hier die Besprechung von Andrew Motion im Guardian, 13.3.04.


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