48. Jack Kerouac School

This is a book, in the end, about aging — not just the aging of the Beats, which Kashner witnessed firsthand, but the aging of the author, too. Kashner is now in his mid-40’s, the same age Corso was when he described himself to the teenage Sam as a “toothless old man.“ In a somewhat mournful coda, out of step with the spirited and generous good humor of the rest of the book, Kashner recounts the deaths of Corso, Burroughs and Ginsberg, and also of his own poetry career. (He now writes magazine articles for GQ and Vanity Fair.) “As a poet you become bitter,“ he writes of his decision to abandon poetry altogether. “I knew no one was reading it, not my poetry at any rate.“ / Paul Tough, NYT 15.2.04

My Life at the Jack Kerouac School:
A Memoir.
By Sam Kashner. Illustrated. 318 pp. New York: HarperCollins Publishers. $25.95.

Gespräch mit Sam Kashner, Newsday.com, 1.2.04
Kashner als Nestbeschmutzer
(Poesie: Fehlanzeige! Anyone help?)

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