Schlagwort: Charles Hubert Sisson

Verstorbene 2003

Name Vorname Geb.Jahr geb in Land Altschwager Gerda Bachchan Harivansh Rai 1907 Allahabad in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh Indien Bäcker Heimrad 1925 Wien Österreich Bryant Felice Milwaukee USA Campos Haroldo de 1929 Sao Paulo Brasilien Causley Charles Stanley 1917 Launceston, Cornwall Großbritannien… Continue Reading „Verstorbene 2003“

Nachruf auf Charles Hubert Sisson (1914 – 2003)

Among 20th-Century English poets, C. H. Sisson was a magnificent anachronism: a hard-working civil servant and a radical modernist, an Anglican and a savage critic of the contemporary church, a committed Englishman without a trace of atavism, a Johnsonian Tory remote from the economic… Continue Reading „Nachruf auf Charles Hubert Sisson (1914 – 2003)“