„Linguistically innovative poetry“

It has been an eventful year for ‘linguistically innovative poetry’; although such poets are often seen as remote, disdainful of fame and popularity, there have been significant incursions not only into the mainstream of poetry and its prizes, itself still a small and self-enclosing world, but also into the comment pages of national newspapers and the bestseller lists. This has been, of course, at the cost of a proper engagement with the innovative character of the poetry at issue; Claudia Rankine’s Citizen has often been discussed in terms of its politics and divorced from questions of form, which, if addressed at all, seem to reach a dead end in banal, inevitable, cries of “but is it poetry?” It is exciting, then, and timely, and good, that we have Out of Everywhere 2, edited by the poet and academic Emily Critchley, which, 19 years after its namesake, brings together nearly 50 contemporary “formally original, politically and philosophically engaged” poets. For all that this small subset of poets has flourished, proliferated even, since 1996, their work, often printed in chapbooks or through small presses, is still difficult to get hold of or stumble upon, and this anthology offers us a guide—or set of starting points, at least. / Rey Conquer, the Oxonian Review

Out of Everywhere 2: Linguistically innovative poetry by women in North America & the UK
Edited by Emily Critchley
Reality Street, 2015
ISBN 978-1-874400-68-4

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