127. Memorial Day

Apropos Kanonerweiterung / -sprengung. Eine Stimme aus Amerika:

Our collection of classic poems of war and remembrance includes works by Li Po, William Shakespeare, Alfred Lord Tennyson, E.B. Browning, Herman Melville, Stephen Crane, Walt Whitman, Thomas Hardy, John McCrae, Carl Sandburg, Wilfrid Owen, Alan Seeger, Robert Frost, Siegfried Sassoon, William Butler Yeats, Thomas McGrath

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Nefarious War
Li Po (Li Bai, Li-Tai-bo) (c. 750)
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Translated from the Chinese by Shigeyoshi Obata

Last year we fought by the head-stream of the So-Kan,
This year we are fighting on the Tsung-ho road.
We have washed our armor in the waves of the Chiao-chi lake,
We have pastured our horses on Tien-shan’s snowy slopes.
The long, long war goes on ten thousand miles from home.
Our three armies are worn and grown old.

The barbarian does man-slaughter for plowing;
On his yellow sand-plains nothing has been seen but blanched skulls and bones.
Where the Chin emperor built the walls against the Tartars,
There the defenders of Han are burning beacon fires.
The beacon fires burn and never go out.
There is no end to war!—


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