Beck & Celan arabisch

Al-Maaly: For us, Lebanon is the country we dream of. Every Arab writer or artist used to fantasise about living and working in Lebanon, because there was a certain amount of freedom there before the invasion. And there still is, despite all the new laws. But after the invasion, the country was occupied, and I made the emotional decision to form a publishing company here in Germany. When the dream of Beirut dissolved, I simply tried to find another way to express myself. …

What’s the best-selling work by a German author?

Al-Maaly: „What is Globalisation?“ by Ulrich Beck, and the poems of Paul Celan.

And what do you have coming up next?

Al-Maaly: The collected poems of Friedrich Nietzsche, and „The Man Without Qualities“, by Robert Musil.

Gespräch mit dem irakischen Lyriker Khalid al-Maaly, In seinem Verlag soll die erste Nietzsche-Gesamtausgabe in arabischer Sprache erscheinen.

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/ 16.4.03

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