The Panther

Der Guardian druckt zwei Gedichte von Robin Robertson nach Rilke, darunter dies:

The Panther

Exhausted, he sees nothing now but the bars
that flicker past him in a blur;
it seems there are a thousand bars
and behind the thousand bars an empty world.

The drill of wheel and return: turning on his heel till
he seems to pass through his own body – like whisky
swilled to the neck of the bottle then back on itself.
He swings on the pivot of his numb and baffled will.
Sometimes, though, the sprung shutter of the eyes
will slide open and let an image enter – a face, perhaps –
shooting through the tensed muscles, lightening
the limbs, streaming into his heart to die.

The Guardian , Saturday February 23, 2002:
Hier gab´s die vier Gewinner eines Wettbewerbs „Haiku on the euro“ (Preise übrigens in Euro!) – und mehr als ein Dutzend weitere Einsendungen. Die Briten probierens erst mal in der Poesie, eh? – Einer liest sich so:

The Queen’s part German
Johnny Foreigner on coins?
Our next king’s part Greek
by Dave Hill

Ein anderer:

Finally it’s here
Now used in all of Europe
‚Cept England of course.
by Harvey

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