Dichter auf der Kairoer Buchmesse

Mahmoud Darwish, otherwise known as the poet laureate of the Palestinian resistance, has become a regular feature of this department. This year the seasoned lyricist and orator is expected to read selections from his last collection of poems, La Ta’tadhir Amma Fa’alt (Don’t Apologise for what you have Done), which appeared recently in Beirut. Besides Darwish, poetry lovers can look forward to recitations by the celebrated Bahraini poet Qasem Haddad as well as evenings devoted to the late poets Fadwa Touqan and Tawfik Ziyad — important contributors to the modern canon. / Al-Ahram 674/ 2004

In derselben Ausgabe eine Vorschau auf die Frankfurter Buchmesse, die in diesem Jahr arabische Literatur zum Schwerpunkt hat.

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