„Getürkte“ Lyrik 1

Die New York Times untersucht Bin Ladens Gedicht aus seinem Video vom 14. Dezember – ein Plagiat:

According to Roy Mottahedeh, a professor of Islamic history at Harvard, and Salameh Nematt, the Jordanian correspondent of Al Hayat, both of whom translated the poem for me, the poem, which comes from a 1998 collection of Abu Hilalah’s work titled “Poems in the Time of Oppression,“ is in a neoclassical style, with a conventional rhyme scheme, high-flown literary language and the centuries-old imagery of Arabic war poetry. The poet declares that he has come to bear witness that “those who are as sharp as a sword“ have not lost their resolve. They remain committed to religion, struggle and sacrifice. Notwithstanding the horrors of occupation — the clothes of darkness that came over us,“ “the poisoned tooth that bit us“ and “the homes that overflowed with blood“ when “the assailant desecrated our land“ — these fighters will not be deterred until, the poet warns, “you leave our lands.“

Abu Hilalah’s cousin said in his article that bin Laden made two small but notable emendations to the last lines of the poem: “The fighters‘ winds blew, striking their monuments, telling the assailant that the swords will not be thrown down until you leave our lands.“

Where the poet wrote “monuments,“ bin Laden said “towers“; and where the poet wrote “swords will not be thrown down,“ bin Laden said “the raids will not stop.‘ / NYT *) 10.3.02

Der Text des angeblichen Bin-Laden-Gedichts stand in der Dezemberausgabe der Lyrik-Zeitung .

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