39. Bremen & Kampala

For the purpose of enhancing their positioning as regards producing quality work, six upcoming Ugandan and German writers from the two cities of Kampala and Bremen are this month co-operating on a programme that seeks to open up dialogue among them as writers from different geographical and cultural settings.

Titled Bremen & Kampala – Spaces of Transcultural Writing, the already underway project has the six upcoming writers discussing via Internet a wide array of issues regarding their writing experiences and the writing world in general.

On the side of their own writing experiences, the writers are exploring issues such as the differences and similarities in their approaches on storytelling, what it means to be living as writers in urban societies, how much their writing is influenced by place and society, where they write, the routines they follow, what inspires them.

While on the side of the wider literary world, the writers are exploring issues such as what concerns young writers today, what differences exist today in individual, social, and political attitudes towards writing.

The writers are Deborah Asiimwe, Ronald Ssegujja and Nyana Kakoma from Kampala; and Nikolas Hoppe, Nora Bossong and Jens Laloire from Bremen. / Daily Monitor

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