72. Simple truth



This poem translated from the Nigerian language group by Roger Wescott propounds a simple truth: it is a good thing to have children. Twins in particular have a religious significance. One of the cults of the Yoruba in Nigeria and Dahomey in West Africa is that of the ibeji (twins). The Yoruba differ from most West African tribes in welcoming the birth of twins and not considering them a moral calamity. Whenever one or both of the twins die, small twin figures such as the ones pictured here are carved in order to avert further visitations of death on the family. The figures are kept in family shrines and are ceremonially fed and anointed with oils on certain days to insure that the spirits of the dead twin or twins may remain with the tribe. /

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Zwillinge, afrikanische Plastik, Metropolitan Museum, New York
Mutter mit Zwillingen, Metropolitan Museum, New York. Die Künstlerin, Claudette Schreuders, wurde 1973 in Pretoria geboren und lernte traditionelle Bearbeitungstechniken bei nigerianischen und kenianischen Meistern.

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