90. Virtual Library Packages

In response to customer requests, I’m now focusing on building Virtual Library Packages (VLPs) for our Quench Editions download store.  We now have nine of them:

American Literature — 3,640 books for $49.99
Australian Literature – 66 books for $9.99
British Literature Before 1800 — 831 books for $34.99
British Literature After 1800 — 3,321 books for $49.99
Canadian Literature – 167 books for $19.99
Vintage Science Fiction, Alternate History, and Utopia — 106 books for $9.99
Books of the Western Canon: Theocratic Age — 95 books for $9.99
Books of the Western Canon: Aristocratic Age — 258 books for $19.99
Books of the Western Canon: Democratic Age — 409 books for $29.99

The Quench Editions store http://www.samizdat.com/quencheditions/has two kinds of products:

* You can buy a single file, which in some cases consists of a single book, but is often a collection of related books, with links from the table of contents to every chapter of every book. Then you get that file in three formats zipped together (.prc, .epub, and .pdf), so you can read the book(s) on any e-reader.


* You can buy a „virtual package“ of books in plain text format (.txt), intended for reading on a PC or Mac or with a device used by the blind to convert text to voice or Braille.  Such a package typically includes hundreds of books or even thousands of books, and comes with an index document, showing all the books, such that you can click on a link to open a book. These packages are based on our Book Collections CDs, which you can find at our Yahoo store http://samizdat.stores.yahoo.net/You won’t find anything of this kind a the mega ebook stores like Kindle and Nook.

By definition, a .txt file does not have internal links, hence there is no linked table of contents.  The .txt files are „blind-friendly“ — they work well with software and devices that convert text to voice or Braille.

If you convert one of those files to pdf (which you can do by simply opening the file in Word and electing to save it as pdf), that will not add links, and will reduce the usefulness of the file, making it more difficult to search, edit, excerpt, etc.

What these huge „packages“ of books have that single files do not is organization by folders and links from the table of contents to every book.

If you want to read a book from cover to cover, a pdf or epub or prc file with internal links is much better.  That’s what you get with our single file „classic“ books offerings.

If you want to do research and check selected passages of selected books, a package of .txt files is much better.  You can quickly find and open the books that you want using the linked index document.  And you can use the search capability built into your PC or Mac to search across all the books.  You also can easily edit and highlight/annotate books in .txt, using any word processor, and save your edited version.

Since I both read and research, I like having my books available both ways.

Suggestions are welcome.  We have about 200 book-collection CDs and converting them to downloadable packages is a time-consuming process.  Please check our CD/DVD store http://samizdat.stores.yahoo.net/and let us know which ones matter most to you, so we can set our priorities accordingly.

Please spread the word.

Best wishes.


Richard Seltzer, B&R Samizdat Express, seltzer@samizdat.com, 617-469-2269 http://www.samizdat.com,http://www.samizdat.com/bloghttp://twitter.com/richardseltzer

Ebooks by download — Quench Editions http://www.samizdat.com/quencheditions/

Book collections on CD and DVD http://samizdat.stores.yahoo.net/ As featured in the New York Timeshttp://www.nytimes.com/2007/04/09/arts/09conn.html

Latest book =“Saint Smith and other Stories“ http://samizdat.stores.yahoo.net/sasmandotstb.html

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