Dead at 84

Iconic poet, art critic, performance artist, and teacher David Antin has passed away at the age of 84, after a long struggle with Parkinson’s disease, reports the PennSoundDaily. (…)

Born in New York City in 1932, Antin’s body of work stretches across the last 50 years, addressing notions of literacy, poetry and the contemporary. He was most famously known for his “talk poems,” improvised, spoken-word performances that drew from his knowledge of philosophy and art theory, as well as his own autobiography.

He would later record these and transcribe them for publishing. These pieces are included in the widely-read poetry collections Talking (1972), Talking at the Boundaries (1976), and What it means to be Avant-Garde (1993). / Skye Arundhati Thomas, artnet, October 14, 2016

Gedichte auf Deutsch habe ich nicht gefunden, nur diese Aufsätze:
  • „Pop“ Ein paar klärende Bemerkungen. In: „Das Kunstwerk“ 10-12 1966
  • Die wesentlichen Charakteristika des Mediums. In: Bettina Gruner und Maria Vedder (Hg.): Kunst und Video. Internationale Entwicklung und Künstler. Köln 1983, S. 32 – 49
Online Works

David Antin Soundfiles at PennSound 

Charles Bernstein, A Conversation with David Antin and Album Notes (Granary Books, 2002): full book: pdf

Archive of Antin recordings at Getty (streamable)

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