Snotty, boring, passe

In einer Rezension von Gedichten der Dichterin Marie Ponsot lernen wir etwas über die Vorzüge – und Nachteile – der Demokratie:

One of the best things about being an American is that you are free to dislike poetry for any reason you want. You can say it’s too clever or too dumb; you can think it’s old-fashioned or pointlessly trendy; you can protest that it has nothing to do with real life or you can complain that it’s mostly about Volkswagens and mastectomies. Whatever line you take, there will be room for your opinion in our larger, national antipathy for this snotty, boring, passe art form. And this, surely, is what democracy is all about. / Über Nachteile sowie große Gedichte hier: NYT *) 21.4.02 (mit Lese- und Hörprobe).

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