Schlagwort: John Lanchester

51. Leipzig liest wieder

Artikel zu lang? Über Lyrik ganz unten Feuerwerk der Literatur: Von ”Esti” bis ”Hola Chicas!” Europas größtes Literaturfest ”Leipzig liest” vereint vom 14. bis 17. März 2013 rund 2.900 Autoren und Mitwirkende, 2.800 Veranstaltungen und mehr als 365 Leseorte. Das Lesefestival präsentiert hohe Literatur… Continue Reading „51. Leipzig liest wieder“


How to make a cocktail beautiful, humanizing, and good. By Rosie Schaap Poetry Media Service So strong is W.H. Auden’s association with the martini that his home city of York, England, marked the 2007 centenary of his birth with tributes not only in words… Continue Reading „55. IN SEARCH OF THE AUDEN MARTINI“

Vier Bedingungen

‚[Robert Lowell’s] poems are not easy reading for the average American, who knows no poetry, no history, no theology, and no Latin roots.‘ — Helen Vendler, The New Republic, 28 July 2003 ‚I like reading poetry at night — a doctor I know claims… Continue Reading „Vier Bedingungen“

The poetry and madness of John Clare

In early 1860, a poetry fan from London called James Hipkins wrote to Dr. Wing, the superintendent of the Northampton General Lunatic Asylum, inquiring after the welfare of one of the inmates, the nature poet John Clare. The sixty-six-year-old poet’s reply is one of… Continue Reading „The poetry and madness of John Clare“

Drug writing

Perhaps the finest writer ever to use speed systematically, however, was W. H. Auden. He swallowed Benzedrine every morning for twenty years, from 1938 onward, balancing its effect with the barbiturate Seconal when he wanted to sleep. (He also kept a glass of vodka… Continue Reading „Drug writing“