Vier Bedingungen

‚[Robert Lowell’s] poems are not easy reading for the average American, who knows no poetry, no history, no theology, and no Latin roots.‘
— Helen Vendler, The New Republic, 28 July 2003

‚I like reading poetry at night — a doctor I know claims that this is because „poetry is the only thing you can read when you’re drunk“.‘
— John Lanchester, The Sunday Times, 1 June 2003

– – – So zwei aus zahlreichen Statements über Poesie aus

Pickings and Choosings:
Recent Pronouncements on Poets and Poetry

Selected by Dennis O’Driscoll
Poetry Ireland Review

(Versammelt bei Poetry Daily)

Zum Thema auch Edward Hirsch´s Washington Post Kolumne Poet´s Choice vom 30.11.03:

Poiesis means „making“ and, as the ancient Greeks recognized, the poet is first and foremost a maker. The Greeks saw no contradiction between the truth that poetry is inspired and, simultaneously, an art (techne, a craft requiring a blend of talent, training and practice.

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