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National Poetry Month Special: Download Poetry Magazine April 2016 Issue for Free

In celebration of National Poetry Month, we’re happy to offer you, dear readers, a free download of the April 2016 issue of Poetry magazine. It’s available in our iTunes app or as a PDF for your other devices.

The April 2016 issue features a portfolio of poets associated with Split This Rock, a national organization that cultivates, teaches, and celebrates poetry that bears witness to injustice and provokes social change. The issue also includes remarks from members of the Academy of American Poets—the organization that founded National Poetry Month twenty years ago this month—describing what poetry means today; the occasional feature “The View from Here”; and much more. In the digital edition you’ll also find a reading list from contributors to this issue, a curated playlist, and Alice Lyons’s reflection on Hollis Frampton’s film Gloria! as a lyric poem. Listen to this month’s Poetry magazine podcast, hosted by the editors, and watch videos of our “The View from Here” contributors talking about how they encounter poetry in their daily lives. / Poetry foundation

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