61. Ubu-Schmankerl

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Internationale Situationniste (1958-1969) We’re pleased to feauture PDFs of the the Situationist International’s jounal, which was edited by Guy Debord and ran in a series of 12 issues. The journal includes articles and texts by Debord, Mohamed Dahou, Giuseppe Pinot-Gallizio, Maurice Wyckaert, Constant, Asger Jorn, Helmut Sturm, Attila Kotanyi, Jørgen Nash, Uwe Lausen, Raoul Vaneigem, Michèle Bernstein, Jeppesen Victor Martin, Jan Stijbosch, Alexander Trocchi, Théo Frey, Mustapha Khayati, Donald Nicholson-Smith, René Riesel, René Viénet, and many others. This review was a testing ground for discourse and also a means of propaganda. View a documentary about the Situationists and listen to sound works by Guy Debord. You can find Debord’s films here. Thanks to our pals at Monoksop for uncovering this treasure.

The Soundworks of Michael Snow (1975-2002) Michael Snow is considered one of Canada’s most important living artists. A prolific painter, photographer, sculptor, jazz musician, and filmmaker, Snow’s art explores the possibilities inherent in different mediums and practices. He has received many international awards, and his work is shown continually in retrospectives around the world. With each piece, Snow invites us to contemplate and put into question his chosen medium, in an oscillation between what is represented and its process and material. Presented here are soundworks including Music For Piano, Whistling, Microphone And Tape Recorder (1975), Two Radio Solos (1980), The Last LP (1987), Sinoms (1989), and Hearing Aid (2002). See also Michael Snow’s Films in Ubuweb Film.

John Cage & Kenneth Patchen – The city wears a slouch hat (1942), A Radio Play The city wears a slouch hat is one of those Cage works that many know about, but few have actually heard. Commissioned by CBS‘ „Columbia Workshop“ to accompany a radio play by „Beat“ poet/writer Kenneth Patchen–a surreal script centered around a mysterious drifter known as „The Voice“ and his encounters with various characters of the urban landscape. Cage’s music aptly fits Patchen’s texts, scored for „sound orchestra“ of 5 percussionists along with live and recorded sound effects, revealing Cage’s gift for orchestrating the timbres of percussion. One can only imagine what unsuspecting families, seated around the radio for an evening’s entertainment, made of this bizarre script and rambunctious music in 1942. 

 DV8 Physical Theater Strange Fish (1992)

 Václav Havel Antikody (collection of concrete poems, early 1960s)

 Eugen Gomringer (ed.) konkrete poesie: deutschsprachige autoren (1972) (Presented by Jerome Rothenberg, mehrsprachig!)

 Marcel Duchamp The Essential Writings of Marcel Duchamp (1975)

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