62. Die young, get mental illness

Zum gleichen Thema –> 63 auch ein Bericht im Sydney Morning Herald vom 23.4.04:

„Among American, Chinese and Turkish writers, poets died significantly younger than nonfiction writers,“ Dr Kaufman wrote. „Among the entire sample, poets died younger than both fiction writers and nonfiction writers.“ …

Dr Kaufman has also studied poets and mental illness. „What I found was pretty consistent with the death finding . . . female poets were much more likely to suffer from mental illness – be hospitalised, commit suicide, attempt suicide – than any other kind of writer and more likely than other eminent women,“ he said. „I’ve dubbed this the ‚Sylvia Plath Effect‘.“ Plath, poet and novelist, killed herself in 1963 at the age of 30.

New York Times*) 24.4.04 zum Thema, featuring

Sarah Teasdale died at 48; Anne Sexton died at 45; Hart Crane died at 32; Dylan Thomas died at 39.

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