Erdogan limerick competition

„I’m a free-born British man, and we don’t live under the blasphemy laws of such despots,“ wrote columnist Douglas Murray. „So in honor of this fact I have spent the weekend writing rude limericks about Mr Erdogan.  And I would hereby like to invite all readers to join me in a grand Erdogan limerick competition.“

It went on, urging submissions be as „filthy and insulting as possible“ about the president, before concluding: „Please submit all entries to, under the heading ‘The President Erdogan Offensive Poetry Competition‘. The winning poem will be announced by 23 June. Because we may not be able to announce it after that point.“

(On Tuesday, an editor at the Spectator informed WorldViews that the best submission would win a cash prize.) / Ishaan Tharoor, The Washington Post

One Comment on “Erdogan limerick competition

  1. Korrupt, eitel mit Blut an der Hand
    auch als Ziegenficker überall bekannt
    die Presse hinter Schloss und Riegel
    liegt’s an Deinem kleinen Schniedel?
    oder was hast du Erdogan da in der Hand?

    Gefällt mir

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