54. Celebrity Poets

… sind Prominente aus der Glamourwelt, die nebenher peinliche Gedichte schreiben. Michael Hollan listet „die 7 schlechtesten Celebrity Poets unter der Überschrift „No Rhyme And Even Less Reason“. Es sind:

Pamela Anderson (Our true character, collective complexities.
childish activities –
patterns- genetics? Attention deficit-
– …
SEX … a lost art– a sickness–
Lost sensuality -)

Kristen Stewart („My Heart Is A Wiffleball/Freedom Pole.“ There’s not much more to say about it.)

Jennifer Aniston (was dating John Mayer and wrote a poem about it)

James Franco (Its not so much poetry as it is a collection of phrases.)

Rosie O’Donnell (It’s not funny that Rosie O’Donnell had a heart attack. The poem she wrote about it, however, totally is. )

Jewel (wrote an entire book of poetry. The book is best experienced if you read it out loud and yodel all of the words.)

Britney Spears‘ poetry does rhyme, which is nice. It seems like that’s all she knew about poetry, though.


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