Gipfeltreffen in Beirut

The presence in Beirut of Syrian poet Adonis (Ali Ahmed Said) and Mahmoud Darwish, poet laureate of the Palestinian resistance, enlivened the city’s cultural scene in late November and December. The former disparaged the newly rebuilt city in the course of a lecture he gave as part of the Askhal Alwan Festival, while the latter professed his abiding love for the city even as it has witnessed such transformation. Darwish’s last collection of poems, La Ta’tazer Amma Fa’alt (Don’t Apologise for What You Did), a Dar Riyad Al- Rais publication, was launched only weeks afterwards, again while Adonis was there. Both members of the board of the UNESCO Kitab fi Jarida (Newspaper Book) project, to be relaunched shortly following an extended hiatus, the poets were there to attend the project’s conference. / Jahresrückblick der Kairoer Zeitung al-Ahram. (Hier ein weiterer Rückblick, besonders auf bedeutende arabische Intellektuelle, die 2003 gestorben sind).

Und hier al-Ahrams Rückblick auf neue Gedichtbände 2003:

The best known vernacular [volkstümlicher] poet of all, Abdel-Rahman El-Abnoudi, published his new collection, Baghdad, with Dar Atlas, while Hassan Teleb, among the best known taf’ila poets working today, published a new book of „narrative poems“, Mawaqif Abu Ali wa Rasa’iluh (Chronicles and Letters of Abu Ali), with the Supreme Council for Culture. Ahmed El- Shahawi’s controversial Al-Wasaya fi Ishq Al-Nisaa (Commandments on the Love of Women), on the other hand, appeared under the rubric of the Egyptian-Lebanese Publishers. With three collections of poems — Osama Al-Dainasouri’s Ain Sariha wa Ain Mundahisha (A Desultory Eye and a Surprised Eye) and Abdel-Moniem Ramadan’s Al-Nashid (The Anthem) as well as vernacular poet Bahaa Jahin’s Koufeya Souf lil-Shita (A Woolen Scarf for Winter) — Miret had a part to play in poetry too.

/ 31.12.03

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