76. manche mögens

Some Like Poetry Manche mögen Poesie Niektorzy lubia poezje
Some –
that means not all.
Not even the majority of all but the minority.
Not counting school, where one must,
and poets themselves,
there will be perhaps two in a thousand.
Manche —
das heißt nicht alle.
Nicht einmal die Mehrheit, sondern die Minderheit.
Abgesehen von den Schulen, wo man mögen muß,
und den Dichtern selbst,
gibt’s davon etwa zwei pro Tausend.
Niektorzy –
czyli nie wszyscy.
Nawet nie wiekszosc wszystkich ale mniejszosc.
Nie liczac szkol, gdzie sie musi,
i samych poetow,
bedzie tych osob chyba dwie na tysiac.
Like –
but one also likes chicken-noodle soup,
one likes compliments and the color blue,
one likes an old scarf,
one likes to prove one’s point,
one likes to pet a dog.
Mögen —
aber man mag ja auch Nudelsuppe,
mag Komplimente und die Farbe Blau,
mag den alten Schal,
mag auf dem Seinen beharren,
mag Hunde steicheln.
Lubia –
ale lubi sie takze rosol z makaronem,
lubi sie komplementy i kolor niebieski,
lubi sie stary szalik,
lubi sie stawiac na swoim,
lubi sie glaskach psa.
Poetry –
but what sort of thing is poetry?
More than one shaky answer
has been given to this question.
But I do not know and do not know and clutch on to it,
as to a saving bannister.
Poesie —
was aber ist Poesie.
Manch wackelige Antwort
ist dieser Frage bereits gefolgt.
Aber ich weiß nicht, ich weiß nicht. Ich halte mich daran fest, wie an einem rettenden Geländer.
Poezje –
tylko co to takiego poezja.
Niejedna chwiejna odpowiedz
na to pytanie juz padla.
A ja nie wiem i nie wiem i trzymam sie tego
jak zbawiennej poreczy.
Wislawa Szymborska 1993
(translated from Polish by Joanna Trzeciak.)
Aus dem Polnischen von Karl Dedecius.Original: Niektorzy lubia poezje, aus: Ende und Anfang (Koniec i poczatek), 1993

Folgende englische Nachdichtung eines Szymborska-Gedichts fand ich heute (1.4.00) in der Mail von Poem-a-Day (kommt Montag bis Freitag unentgeltlich in die Inbox). Info über den Service weiter unten.



In sealed box cars travel
names across the land,
and how far they will travel so,
and will they ever get out,
don’t ask, I won’t say, I don’t know.

The name Nathan strikes fist against wall,
the name Isaac, demented, sings,
the name Sarah calls out for water for
the name Aaron that’s dying of thirst.

Don’t jump while it’s moving, name David.
You’re a name that dooms to defeat,
given to no one, and homeless,
too heavy to bear in this land.

Let your son have a Slavic name,
for here they count hairs on the head,
for here they tell good from evil
by names and by eyelids‘ shape.

Don’t jump while it’s moving.  Your son will be Lech.
Don’t jump while it’s moving.  Not time yet.
Don’t jump.  The night echoes like laughter
mocking clatter of wheels upon tracks.

A cloud made of people moved over the land,
a big cloud gives a small rain, one tear,
a small rain–one tear, a dry season.
Tracks lead off into black forest.

Cor-rect, cor-rect clicks the wheel.  Gladeless forest.
Cor-rect, cor-rect.  Through the forest a convoy of clamors.
Cor-rect, cor-rect.  Awakened in the night I hear
cor-rect, cor-rect, crash of silence on silence.

Szymborska, Wislawa.

Wislawa Szymborska (1923- ), Polish poet and winner of the 1996
Nobel Prize for Literature, is known for her direct and concise
lyric poetry that addresses universal themes, such as truth,
love, and hope.

Szymborska studied sociology and Polish literature at Jagellonian
University in Krakow, Poland, where she also reviewed books for a
Polish literary magazine. Her early poems reflect communist
values, but she repudiated her communist poetry in later
publications. Szymborska’s work, ranging from philosophical
inquiries to observations of everyday life, have established her
as one of Poland’s most popular poets, although she remained
largely unknown outside her country until she won the Nobel Prize.

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