Genauigkeit, schockierende Klarheit

(Weiter mit John Clare)

Clare was a prodigious walker, a solitary who sought out the secret recesses of nature, a hidden, underappreciated, overlooked country, which he detailed with a sharp eye and a naturalist’s sensibility. Accuracy was a scrupulous habit, a moral imperative. He had a powerful capacity to identify with what he observed. Bate points out that more than 50 of Clare’s poems begin „I love.“ „Poets love nature and themselves are love,“ he wrote in a late sonnet. „For everything I felt a love,/ The weeds below, the birds above,“ he declared in „The Progress of Rhyme.“ Bate also notes that the most common noun in Clare’s mature poetry is „joy.“ …

Some of Clare’s finest works were asylum poems: „A Vision,“ „An Invite to Eternity,“ a poem addressed to his namesake, and two disconsolate self-revelations that begin „I am,“ one a sonnet („I feel I am — I only know I am“), the other a lyric that stands as his most haunting memorial, a poem with a simple eloquence, a shocking lucidity.

/ Edward Hirsch, Poet´s Choice, Washington Post *) 11.1.04

vgl. im Archiv LyrikPost 10 und 12 / 2003

– Konnte ich an Hirschs Beitrag vorbeigehen? John Clare ist im Deutschen, sehr milde gesagt, unterrepräsentiert. Man braucht schon großangelegte Anthologien wie die vierbändige von Koppenfels/ Pfister (Englische und amerikanische Dichtung, C.H. Beck). Unter den dort vertretenen 5 Gedichten sind auch die zwei von Hirsch zitierten „I am“ und „I feel I am“ (ersteres in L&P 12/2003). Herr Engeler?

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